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¡No te preocupes! En este taller conocerás todas las herramientas que necesitas para armar campañas publicitarias en Facebook e Instagram. 

Define el objetivo de tu campaña publicitaria de forma estratégica

Aprende a segmentar a tu público objetivo para lograr los resultados deseados

Invierte para vender más 


Armar campañas publicitarias puede convertirse en un dolor de cabeza


Vanessa Quintana
Gabriela Aza
Solution Manager
Mercedes Romero
Nathaly Durán Jewelry

Hello, I'm Luza

 7 years ago I founded Sello Cultural webzine. I won a first place award Etecom Venezuela 2012 in the digital journalism category.
I am Social Communicator, specialist in Digital Journalism. I have experience  as journalist, community manager, marketing manager, events producer and English teacher.
I worked in El Nacional newspaper, Producto magazine, Planet Group Publishing House, and International Schools in Japan.
I created and executed digital campaigns for KAI Japanese Language School, Imano Tokyo, Hotcourses Latinoamerica, One to One Pr, Behance Japan and others. 
My newest project is the Venezuelan Film Festival in Japan.


Currently, I am a correspondent for France 24 in Spanish.
I am motivated to create and innovate.

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