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3 marketing lessons from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics ended on August 8 with grateful messages on all the screens in the Olympic Stadium. For me, it was an enriching experience full of professional learnings. As we prepare for Paris 2024, I leave you with 3 marketing lessons from Tokyo 2020:

1. Celebrate victories 🥇

Every medal won by Japan was promoted through Ads. Celebrating achievements in the middle of a pandemic was vital to seek acceptance from residents as Covid-19 cases increased in Tokyo.

2. Streaming is here to stay 🥈

20% of the world's population attended the Tokyo 2020 Olympics online. The organization's app and multiple companies with broadcasting rights made all the competitions possible to follow online, from anywhere.

3. Reach out young people🥉

The Social Media strategy was strived at a youth target and led the conversation on social networks between sports lovers. TikTok, Instagram Live, Reels, and tweets aimed at inclusion and interaction with the youth audience in a fresh, informative, and fun way. Of course, it was part of the organization's global strategy to incorporate disciplines such as skateboarding and surfing this year.


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