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Succeed on Instagram: Discover the insights from Metricool 2023 report

Instagram is a cross-platform social network that can help you build a community and sell your products or services. The Metricool 2023 Instagram study analyzed over 300.000 Instagram accounts and millions of posts. Here are the most relevant insights from the report:

The numbers don't lie: Reels grew by 282% in the last year. This affirms that it's the preferred format for brands and entrepreneurs to stand out in the competitive world of social media. However, its reach decreased.

The report reveals that with the increase in usage by content creators, its average reach experienced a drop of 76.88% compared to the previous study. In 2022, Instagram's algorithm favored the use of short video format.

While Reels are a powerful tool to reach new audiences, it's important to diversify your content strategy on Instagram. How can you use the other formats? Here are some recommendations:

  • Carousels: According to Metricool, it's the second format with the highest reach. Carousels are ideal for telling deeper and more engaging stories to your audience.

  • Stories: Stories are perfect for maintaining engagement with your community. They also have good reach, especially on accounts with a low number of followers.

  • Feed Images: Image posts in the feed help generate interaction. The choice between a carousel or an image post should depend on the message you want to share.

The Metricool report also highlights that Mondays and Thursdays are the best days to post on Instagram, and 8:00 pm is one of the peak activity hours for users. Keep in mind that this can change depending on the brand and your ideal audience.

Instagram is an ideal social media for entrepreneurs and personal brands. Always review your metrics using official tools like Metricool and experiment to boost your presence on this social network.


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