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Benefits of Instagram filters

In a world moving towards the Metaverse and Augmented Reality, launching an Instagram filter for your account or brand can be a good loyalty and branding strategy. You must identify a filter that adds value to your Instagram strategy, enter Facebook's Spark AR Hub, and start experimenting.

tool to increase the reach of your account, but to do so, they must be aligned with your brand's branding and offer a solution or simply entertainment to your target audience.

A few weeks ago, I launched a filter called Hikari (it means Light in Japanese); my idea is to offer an option with enough lighting for those of us with iPhones or birth circles. I also took the opportunity to add different content topics aligned to my social media pillars and background for those of us who don't always have an ideal aesthetic to share content ideas.

Despite being my first filter, I have received positive feedback from my audience. They mainly appreciate it and are starting to use it in their stories. It has reached an audience different from those who follow and interact with me daily on Instagram.

Filter ideas:

  1. Masks and accessories.

  2. Cosmetics

  3. Quiz

  4. Games

  5. Virtual objects


Another important aspect is to monitor the statistics of your filter within the Spark AR Hub. Here, you will find the number of impressions, screenshots, times it has been shared, and the age range and location of those who have used the filter. This is an example of the stats from the first week of Hikari's launch:

Try my filter here, remember to open it from your cell phone.


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