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Meta: the materialization of a digital world

Beyond a conglomerate of social networks and online assets, the digital world takes a futuristic long-term shape with the announcement of the "Metaverse" and Mark Zuckerberg's name change from Facebook Inc. to Meta.

Meta is betting on the combination of face-to-face and virtual experiences, bridging the gap between the two formats and making them more immersive. This leads to many questions about the different benefits and challenges for human relationships between brands and entrepreneurs.

Everything points to the fact that interactions with our digital community will be closer than through Telegram chat, and Zoom meetings will become a much more immersive space. We will be able to connect virtually with international teams from anywhere in the world. However, we must not forget that we will be in the living room of our homes with AR smart glasses. When we put them away, we are developing entrepreneurship, a community, a brand, a startup, or a company in the real world.

The big challenge is not being consumed by these innovations because the genuine wonder about this significant announcement is the balance between digital tools and social interactions. The "Metaverse" bets on the economy between creators and developers, invites us to think about the future while in the present, and teaches us that information has much value. This event will gradually make history in this or the next Digital Revolution, and it is essential to be prepared for the changes that this means.


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