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Threads: What you need to know

Threads is Mark Zuckerberg's latest venture. The Facebook founder aims to include an option in his wide range of platforms for staying informed on news and engaging in discussions about trending topics.

Threads was launched on July 6th, and within just 7 hours of its release, it reached 10 million users, surpassing 100 million in its first week—a figure that Chat GPT achieved in over 2 months.

This new app is focused on creating written content and enables you to connect with your audience through a simpler and more direct format, eliminating the need to start from scratch or invest excessive time in production.

Being linked to an Instagram account has streamlined the process of initiating a new social network for its users, offering an additional avenue to leverage and promote services or products.

The YES and NO of this new platform:


It has a simple and user-friendly interface.

Creating content is easier.

It links to your Instagram.

Your Instagram followers can migrate automatically.

You can copy threads to the clipboard.

You can add up to 10 images and videos to a post.

Up to 500 words per thread.

Maximum 5-minute videos.

NO (for now):

No direct messages or hashtags.

No statistics.

No explore tab or search function.

You can't draft posts.

You can't save publications.

No chronological order.

How to include Threads in your Marketing strategy?

1. The power of storytelling. A good story is never forgotten; storytelling will be your best friend.

2. Strengthen the bonds with your community. Create close-knit groups where you discuss topics of interest to boost your product or service and get your community talking.

3. Refresh your brand. Seize the moment of immediacy and spontaneity to share moments that give your community a deeper understanding of your project.

Meta tips to master Threads:

1. Your first post should be visually captivating.

2. Start a conversation. Get debates going; engagement will soar when more people join the discussion.

3. Conduct polls. Post two images and invite your followers to vote using emojis. Get creative and explore the app's options.

4. Challenges and contests to boost interaction and reach. Once again, the app welcomes your creativity.

And if you don't know what to write, my advice would be:

Imagine you're chatting with friends and talk about something that interests you.

As the platform is still in development, it's the perfect time to experiment and directly connect with your community.

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