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The role of the Social Media Manager

Everyone believes that a Social Media Manager is a Community Manager, and although they often perform similar functions, their role is much more strategic.

A Social Media Manager monitors all social media actions, analyzes statistics, and proposes strategies to achieve platform objectives. Unlike the Community Manager, who focuses on conversations, responses, and publishing on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Depending on the brand's reach and follower count, it is ideal for a Social Media Manager to supervise, propose, and review all social media actions. This includes creating a monthly content grid, a task better suited for a Content Manager, as well as coordinating design efforts before scheduling or publishing with the Community Manager.

An ideal social media organizational structure would be as follows:

Social Media Manager

Strategy and supervision

Content Manager

Content creation


Graphic Designer

Community Manager

Publishing and community management

Unfortunately, what is ideal is not often seen in the digital world. Job descriptions frequently combine all these responsibilities into a single role, sometimes even adding notions of Public Relations or Graphic Design.

It is disheartening to see large brands that should have a robust digital team to achieve their goals neglecting this.

A Social Media Manager possesses the necessary experience to prevent or resolve digital brand crises. They plan and manage collaboration strategies on social media and often execute paid advertising campaigns.

They stay updated on the latest trends in Digital Marketing and constantly propose digital improvements to clients. They also analyze sales and engagement rates to develop new strategies for the upcoming month.

So, are you a Social Media Manager or a Community Manager?


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