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Digital Marketing trends

The pandemic made us spend more time on digital platforms. What are the trends that you should take into account for your business? ⁣

Audio: Voice marketing strategies and advertising guidelines in podcasts. The success of the Clubhouse social media is a good example.

Disruptive content: We must differentiate ourselves with quality content based on the needs of our target. How can we be more useful in a pandemic? ⁣

E-commerce: The priority will be to increase digital trust and seek facilities to specify purchase actions. There the importance of integrating the online store on Instagram and Facebook, and making a purchase easily and safely.

Microinfluencers: Influencers with niche social media communities like TikTok and Twitch will pick up steam in 2021.⁣

✅Video online: The rise of live streaming and short videos (TikTok and Reels) will be a great way to connect with potential customers. ⁣


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