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3 trends in Reels that will help your brand

Instagram Reels is the tool to innovate and double your reach on multiplatform. How can we start? Experiment and try some trends to lose the fear!

Here I leave you three ideas for 2022:


First, you must save the audio and try the following:

Record 2 scenes. In the first one, you can add a title with something attractive about your business, for example, "The solution to winter is..." and flip the cell phone three times to the song's rhythm.

In the second scene, change the clothes. You can also think of a surprise effect to end with the answer or solution, according to the rhythm of the music. For example, "my new product" and a call to action to read more in the description or visit your website.

In my case, I decided to answer a frequently asked question on my social networks about living in Japan. Everything is allowed!

2. Photograph your business successes in 2021!

Save the audio. First, add a 3.5-second video and then choose a set of photos of 0.1 seconds each. I recommend using the inShot tool to do this.


Without forgetting the hand movement, recreate situations or objects of "things that only make sense" in your industry, niche, or profession.


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