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The 2022 Super Bowl and the strategies of its advertisers

The Superbowl is a space to make an impact. Companies invest millions of dollars in standing out with their strategies and commercials. Here are four ideas from the last edition:


Coinbase achieved great results thanks to its strategy. A QR code bounced off the black screen like a DVD screensaver.

The brand used a simple QR code. Clicking it took you to Coinbase's website and offered $15 in free Bitcoin for new users with no purchase necessary. According to Coinbase product manager Surojit Chatterjee, the ad was so popular that Coinbase experienced more traffic than ever before.

2. Meta Quest 2

In connection with the rebranding of the brand, Meta released a somewhat confusing commercial. The piece shows a depressed dog happy when it reaches the metaverse. Is happiness only in the metaverse? If the strategy was brand recognition, the job was done, but in an uncreative way.

The brand also changed the name of their VR headset from Oculus Quest, the name of the VR company they acquired, to just Meta Quest.

3. Booking

Travel platform went for influencer marketing in its strategy. Its commercial used Hollywood star Idris Elba, who explains the company's functions and advantages in a somewhat sarcastic tone.

4. Amazon

Amazon also used big names to connect with its community. Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost star in a funny commercial where Alexa can read minds.

Which one is your favorite?


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